Google removes Pirate Bay apps from store

Posted by Ayo Oke on 09:55 PM, 06-Dec-14


Google removed several popular Pirate Bay apps from the Play Store today. An email sent to developers claims that the apps violate intellectual property provisions of Google's content policy.

MH17 Crash: Rebels Hand Over MH17 Black Boxes

Posted by Ayo Oke on 09:16 AM, 22-Jul-14

ThumbnailRebel leaders in eastern Ukraine have handed over the black boxes from flight MH17 to Malaysian experts. The two flight data recorders from the downed Malaysia Airlines plane are "in good condition", according to Malaysian Colonel Mohamed Sakri, who received them from Mr Borodai. "I can see that the black boxes are intact, although a bit damaged," he said, extending... [Read More]

No updates for Android L

Posted by Ayo Oke on 08:33 AM, 22-Jul-14

android-l-screenshot-001.jpg If you recently port to android L, you will notice some bugs but unlike other operating system Google released there will be no. update for Android L. Android L was released for developers to test their apps before the usable version is released.

kik shout out

Posted by Ayo Oke on 11:40 AM, 19-Dec-13

kik-messenger-logo-150x15.jpg kik is a simple and easy to use messaging app, but making friends on it can be a little bit difficult. if you want to expose your kik account to more users, kik me @ayo43 . Remember to send your picture too.

ask you friend any question on ask. fm

Posted by Ayo Oke on 05:42 PM, 05-Sep-13

Social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter and others have something that makes them unique. Today I bring ask. FM. Ask. FM is a site that makes it possible to ask questions from other users. . With ask. FM, you can even connect your Facebook and twitter account so that answers can be automatically posted on Facebook, twitter etc. There... [Read More]