Shoplifting suspect left puddle of urine at crime scene

Posted by Ayo Oke on 10:10 AM, 24-Feb-16 • Comments (0)
20160224100821.png Brooke Amber Sutton stole designer cloths worth over $2000 at the Ann Taylor store at Silver Sands Premium Outlets in Miramar Beach, but left her phone behind which was used to trace her. She also left something quite disturbing which is her urine. 728x90.gif

Goat arrested in India

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ThumbnailA goat has been arrested in India accused of repeatedly damaging a judge's garden by eating flowers and plants there. The animal, called Babli, and its owner Abdul Hassan were taken into custody in Chhattisgarh state after the judge, who is a neighbour, filed a complaint to police. The owner of the goat Mr Hassan has been charged with damaging... [Read More]

European Parliament discusses Bitcoin and virtual currencies

Posted by Ayo Oke on 09:30 AM, 30-Jan-16 • Comments (0)
20130430100152-bitcoin.jpg This might sound as a good news for Bitcoin which is still struggling to gain popularity in Europe. The European Parliament discusses Bitcoin and virtual currencies for the first time, asking questions about some pressing issues. I sincerely hope they come up with something that will favour virtual currency.

kliqle now back and better

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logo.png Kliqle is a new social networking site that is targeted towards connecting people with similar interest. with kliqle,you can add friends, chat, create a channel that people can follow, and you can Also the powerful poll by asking questions using the Ask me feature and get results in real time. You can download the app Advert We can... [Read More]

BlackBerry to release more Android phones this year

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blackberry-curve-9220-180.jpg BlackBerry the popular smartphone maker will release two android phones this year. The Android phones will be cheaper alternative to Blackberry Priv as revealed by an interview with Black CEO, John Chen.